Since relocating to the Philippines a decade earlier, designer Stephen Lloyd has quickly captured a loyal clientele in his new home. Best known for his unique designs in colored stone jewelry, Stephen has brought a truly unparalleled eye to the world of jewelry design.  By allowing the stones their own voice, Stephen designs each one of a kind piece to maximize the look and feel of the materials he is working with, making each one a true work of art.  

At Lloyd & Co there are no collections of computer generated, limited designs repeated for the masses.  Staying true to his roots, each design is sketched by hand allowing Stephen the opportunity to fully engage himself in the creative process.  Jewelry design is intrinsic to this bold young designer and his unwavering dedication to the craft is evident in each of his unique creations. 

Stephen’s pieces have been highly sought after in his new home and have quickly become a staple in the finest jewelry collections in the country.  His decision to bring his expertise and vision to the US market is a most fortunate development for jewelry collectors here and one that he hopes will be warmly received.